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Three Australian mystery series

corrisCorris, Peter
Sydney-based Cliff Hardy is Australia’s version of Philip Marlowe. Cliff is tough and street-smart but loyal to his ideals. Corris portrays Australians as tolerant, independent and resourceful, even his thugs seem thoughtful. But professional “crims” are bad, no matter what their nationality. The Dying Trade (Fawcett, 1986) is the first book in the series of forty novels. Gun Control (Allen & Unwin, 2013) is the most recent title. Corris has written other series, but this is his best known.

thrill cityRedhead, Leigh
Now here is something new: sexy Simone Kirsch is a stripper and a private eye. She wanted to be a cop, but they wouldn’t take her, so she studied to become a private detective. Now with her certificate as a licensed “inquiry agent” she can start building up a clientele, only stripping for start-up funds. These fast and funny crime novels are set in Melbourne, Australia. Simone is a match for even the most hard-boiled PIs. Thrill City (Allen & Unwin, 2013) is the fourth title in the series.

Greenwood, Kerry
Phryne (pronounced “fry knee”) Fisher, Australia’s inimitable flapper sleuth, is now well-known to American readers thanks to Poisoned Pen’s reprints of this charming cozy series.  Phryne is a fabulously wealthy and sophisticated, single woman.  Although she enjoys the high life and fashions of London in the late 1920s,  Phryne craves adventure and decides that “it might be rather amusing” to move to Australia and become a private detective. In spite of her upper class background Phryne never hesitates to delve into Melbourne’s lower depths with the help of some slightly disreputable fellows who become her assistants. Phryne’s adventures have been made into a TV series called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries by the Australian Broadcasting Company.  At last count, thirty-four episodes are available on DVD and Netflix.  Murder and Mendelssohn (Poisoned Pen, 2014), book #20 in the series is Greenwood’s latest.

–posted 3/23/2015

Posted March/23/2015

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