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Blind detectives

Reading Lynn Raimondo’ Dante’s Wood (Seventh Street Books, 2013) made me wonder how many blind detectives have been the stars of their own series of detective novels.  Raimondo’s character Mark Angelotti is a 47-year-old clinical psychiatrist who has been struck with late onset blindness of genetic origin.  His professional understanding of this kind of loss hasn’t seemed to help him personally.  We see him inching toward meaningful rehabilitation only after his boss forces him to return to work.  A mystery involving one of his clients helps brings back his confidence.  A second book, Dante’s Poison is due out in May 2014.

Jane A. Adams’ series about Naomi Blake is probably the most popular current series about a blind investigator. Naomi Blake served in the Midlands police department until an accident left her blind.  She has adapted so successfully that only the presence of her guide dog, Napoleon, betrays her blindness.  Number nine in the series is due out in June 2014.

1. Mourning the Little Dead (Severn, 2002)

2. Touching the Dark (Severn, 2003)

3. Heatwave (Severn, 2005)

4. Killing a Stranger (Severn, 2006)

5. Legacy of Lies (Severn, 2007)

6. Blood Ties (Severn, 2011)

7. Night Vision (Severn, 2012)

8. Secrets (Severn, 2013)

9. Gregory’s Game (Severn, 2014)

There are eleven books in Bruce Alexander series starring Sir John Fielding, founder of London’s first police force.  Sir John is a blind magistrate who relies on teen-aged orphan Jeremy Parker as his eyes, ears and legs.

1. Blind Justice (Putnam, 1994)

2. Murder in Grub Street (Putnam, 1995)

3. Watery Grave (Putnam, 1996)

4. Person or Persons Unknown (Putnam, 1997)

5. Jack, Knave and Fool (Putnam, 1998)

6. Death of a Colonial (Putnam, 1999)

7. Color of Death, The (Putnam, 2000)

8. Smuggler’s Moon (Putnam, 2001)

9. Experiment in Treason, An (Putnam, 2002)

10. Price of Murder, The (Putnam, 2003)

11. Rules of Engagement (Putnam, 2006)

Gerald Elias’ blind and crotchety sleuth is Daniel Jacobus, concert violinist and teacher who lives in rural New Hampshire.  Though all four of his books concern classical music and musicians, his plots will appeal to the general reader.

1. Devil’s Trill (Minotaur, 2009)

2. Danse Macabre (Minotaur, 2010)

3. Death and the Maiden (Minotaur, 2011)

4. Death and Transfiguration (Minotaur, 2012)

Caroline Roe’s detective is Isaac of Girona, a blind 14th century physician whose medical skills give him entree into the highest ranks of society.

1. Remedy for Treason (Berkley, 1998)

2. Cure for a Charlatan (Berkley, 1999)

3. An Antidote for Avarice (Berkley, 1999)

4. Solace for a Sinner (Berkley, 2000)

5. A Potion for a Widow (Berkley, 2001)

6. A Draught for a Dead Man (Berkley, 2002)

7. A Poultice for a Healer (Berkley, 2003)

8. Consolation for an Exile (Berkley, 2004)

–posted 2/18/2014

Posted February/18/2014

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