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Austenish mysteries

Jane Austen fan Elizabeth Parker is on a plane from Washington D.C.  heading for London and a Jane Austen Festival.  The obnoxious man seated near her is droning on about the ridiculous sub-texts he sees in Austen’s novels—abortions, incest and all sorts of nefarious deeds.  Elizabeth longs for some duct tape to put over his mouth.   Naturally, he is the one who is murdered at the festival’s costume ball, and the number of people who might have wanted to kill him is astronomical.  So Elizabeth and her Aunt Winnie prove once again that they are very effective amateur sleuths.  Murder Most Austen (Minotaur, Sept. 2012) is the fourth book in the series, each of which mimics themes and characters from one of Jane Austen’s books—this one takes off on Northanger Abbey.  Jane Austen fans who haven’t yet discovered the charms of Tracy Kiely’s Austenish mystery series should run right down to their library.  These sweet confections  are a delight.

–posted 9/30/2012

Posted September/26/2012

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