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Ivana Trump

Well, here’s one we missed!  We’ve just added the two autobiographical novels by Ivana Trump (Donald’s first wife), though they were published in 1992-93.  Guess we just weren’t paying attention–that would have been between hardcover editions of Sequels (published by ALA).   The story follows Katrinka, a beautiful Czech ski champ and model who marries wealthy American shipping magnate Adam Graham. In For Love Alone (Pocket, 1992) they enjoy the lives of the rich and famous until things go sour and they divorce.  Free to Love (Pocket, 1993) shows Katrinka married to wealthy newspaper owner Mark Von Hollen, but her happiness is darkened by her jealous first husband, who plots to destroy the couple.

–posted 6/26/2016

Posted June/26/2016

Cam Flaherty, organic detective

flahertyIn the “Local Foods” mysteries, Cameron “Cam” Flaherty combines solving mysteries with running her organic farm in Millsbury MA. The series starts, as so many cozies do, with Cam leaving the corporate world to manage her great-uncle’s Massachusetts farm. She has set up as a Customer Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm and has a friend and local advocate in Lucinda Silva, who runs the neighborhood locavore club.  Murder Most Fowl (Kensington, 5/2016), the fourth mystery in this zippy and contemporary series concerns the murder of chicken farmer Wayne Laitinen who is found dead at his breakfast table.   Edith Maxwell also writes the ”Country Store” mystery novels under the name of Maddie Day.


–posted 6/9/2016

Posted June/9/2016

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