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Rex Graves, barrister/sleuth

challinorC. S. Challinor’s mysteries starring barrister Rex Graves will delight fans of classic English mysteries, such as those by Dorothy Sayers, Margery Allingham, and others who have created aristocratic amateur detectives. On her website, Challinor tells us that Reginald “Rex” Graves was born in Edinburgh in 1959, graduated with a first in law from Edinburgh University. He is a stocky 6′ 4″, has red hair, a ginger beard and green eyes. She even provides a photo. Rex was married in 1987 and has a son, but lost his wife to cancer. In Christmas is Murder (Midnight Ink, 2008), the first book in the series, Rex meets Helen D’Arcy, who continues as Rex’s girlfriend through the series, and together they solve his first case as an amateur detective. Rex’s cases take him far and wide to a B&B in Florida and a nudist camp in the Caribbean, as well as to plenty of country houses in England and Scotland. C. (Caroline) S. Challinor is an American writer who was educated in Scotland and England.  Murder Comes Calling (Midnight Ink, 8/2015) will be the eighth book in the series.  It begins when an old friend calls Rex to a quiet residential neighborhood in England where there have been four shocking murders.

–posted  8/17/2015

Posted August/18/2015

C. J. Box

badlandsC. J. Box is best-known for his mystery series starring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett. But his second series is picking up speed and delivers the same tense action Box fans have come to expect.  Back of Beyond (Minotaur, 2011) introduced Detective Cody Hoyt, an investigator in the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s office in Helena, Montana.  Cody is thirty-seven, but looks older. In California, he was a brilliant young cop, but now back in his hometown, he is going to seed–drinking too much and alienating everyone around him. The only good thing in his life is his 17-year-old son Justin.  In Badlands (Minotaur, 7/2015), Detective Cassie Dewell, Hoyt’s former partner, takes center stage in what may become her own series.  After she flies to North Carolina to identify the serial-killer called the “Lizard King”, Cassie accepts a new job as deputy sheriff in Grimsted, North Dakota.  Her first case involves a twelve-year-old witness whose perceptions are limited due to fetal alcohol syndrome.

–posted 8/9/2015

Posted August/13/2015

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