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Bess Crawford, WW I nurse

Fans of The Crimson Fields, now showing on Masterpiece Theater, might enjoy this series about Bess Crawford, a British nurse during World War I.  Bess is the brave and resourceful daughter of a British Army officer. Her sense of duty and respect for justice give her the extra energy it takes to unravel the puzzles she runs across.  A Pattern of Lies (Morrow, 8/2015) is the seventh book in the series.  It follows Bess as she searches war-torn France to find the witness who can exonerate her friend Phillip Ashton from a murder charge.  Charles Todd is the pseudonym of the mother/son writing team of David Todd Watjen & Carolyn L.T. Watjen.

–posted 7/30/2015

Posted July/30/2015

Sister Eve, private eye

Lynne Hinton is the author of the five “Hope Springs” novels about a group of women friends in a small North Carolina town. Now she has started another series starring Sister Evangeline Divine (pronounced “Deveen”). In the first book, Sister Eve, Private Eye (Nelson, 2014) she leaves her Benedictine monastery in New Mexico to go to California to help her father recover from surgery. Captain Jackson Devine is a retired policeman turned private eye and he needs help with his current investigation. Not surprisingly, Sister Eve shows talent as a detective. The Case of the Sin City Sister (Nelson, 2015), the second book in the series, Sister Eve goes to Las Vegas when she senses that her sister Dorisanne is in trouble. Lynne Hinton has a Masters of Divinity degree from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California, and has served as a pastor in several churches in North Carolina.

–posted 7/20/2015

Posted July/20/2015

Inspecter Van In

Van InAsst. Commissioner Pieter Van In of the beautiful medieval city of Bruges, Belgium, is the irascible, alcoholic, and insolvent detective in this series which has reached more than 30 titles in Flemish. Van In’s relationship with attractive young Hannelore Martens, the new assistant prosecutor, evolves slowly throughout the series. Together they solve all sorts of crimes, from burglary and murder to terrorist plots. Aspe lives in Bruges and portrays the city lovingly. He is one of the most popular contemporary writers in the Flemish language. His novels are best-sellers in Europe. From Bruges with Love (Open Road, 7/2015), is the third book in the series to be published in the U.S.  A skeleton unearthed outside a Bruges farmhouse plunges Van In into a decades-old mess of political corruption and prostitution.

–posted 7/12/2015


Posted July/12/2015

Andy Carpenter

rosenfeltPatterson (NJ) defense attorney Andy Carpenter is a wise guy who delights in verbally prodding judges and pompous prosecutors, but since he inherited $22 million from his father, he doesn’t care whose feathers he ruffles. Andy is sometimes helped by his girl friend Laurie, a former police detective who eventually becomes his wife. He also relies on the expertise of “Super Sam” Willis, his accountant-turned-computer-hacker. As an added plus, there are interesting canines sprinkled throughout this series because Andy has opened a no-kill dog shelter. Who Let the Dog Out? (Minotaur, 7/2015) is the 13th book in this funny and clever series of mysteries that often end in splendid courtroom dramas. It begins when a dog is stolen from Andys shelter and becomes a real puzzle when he finds the dog unharmed in the home of a petty thief with a bullet in his head. Eventually diamonds and ruthless killers slip into the plot. As always, Andy’s self-deprecating narratives are a hoot. Rosenfelt’s mix of diamonds, dogs and devilment can’t fail to please.

–posted 7/9/2015

Posted July/7/2015

Wallace Stroby’s heist novels

Looking for a funny heist novel? Try Wallace Stroby’s series starring the charming, smart and determined professional thief Crissa Stone. She is a superb organizer who follows two rules: never work near home and always be sure your team members are reliable. She’ll try her luck at anything, even taking down ATM machines with a front-loader, but she knows when to leave town fast and change her MO. Author Wallace Stroby lives in New Jersey, where some of his non-series novels are set. So far there are only four Crissa Stone books. The latest is The Devil’s Share (Minotaur, 7/2015) in which Crissa contracts to steal a truck-load of plundered Iraqi artifacts. Stroby’s heist novels rank right up there with those of Donald Westlake.

–posted 7/6/2015

Posted July/6/2015

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