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Kate Burkholder, Chief of Police

Prolific American author Linda Castillo has published more than 20 romantic suspense novels, but is best-known as the author of the Kate Burkholder series, which has become a favorite of romantic suspense readers everywhere, especially after the broadcast of the 2013 Lifetime TV movie titled An Amish Murder.  Kate was born into an Amish family, but chose to leave as a teenager.  When we first meet her, she is the thirtyish Chief of Police in Painters Mills, Ohio, a small town in Amish country. She has overcome an incident of abuse in her early life, but brings her empathy and her understanding of Amish ways to her investigations.  After the Storm (Minotaur, 7/2015) is the seventh Burkholder mystery. The investigation of some unidentified bones unearthed by a tornado strains the stability of Kate’s relationship with state agent John Tomasetti.


Posted June/28/2015

Logan McRae, Aberdeen detective

McRaeDetective Sergeant Logan McRae is the star of another darkly humorous “Scottish noir” you won’t want to miss. The series is set in Aberdeen, the “Granite City.” The reader first meets McRae on his first day back at work after recovering from knife wounds. Fortunately WPC “Ball-breaker” Jackie Watson has been assigned to help ease him back into the job. In addition to the criminals, addicts and misfits of this dark Northern city, Logan has to contend with a new supervisor, DI Insch, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and with his icy former girlfriend, Isobel MacAlister, who is the department’s chief pathologist. The Missing and the Dead (HarperCollins, 6/2015) is the ninth book in the series.  McRae has been reassigned to the Scottish hinterlands where lost cows and dotty old folk take up most of his time. But when the drowning of a little girl gives him something meaningful to investigate, Aberdeen’s Major Incident Team barges in and brings former boss Roberta Steele back into his life.

–posted 6/28/2015



Posted June/28/2015

Symphony of Ages series

hollowqueenHere is the new book fans of Elizabeth Haydon’s “Symphony of Ages” series have been waiting for.  The main character is this best-selling adult epic fantasy is Rhapsody the Singer, a woman who has the power to change a person’s identity by renaming him or her.  She has two companion/guardians: the Brother, aka Achmed the assassin-king, and Grunthor, the giant green-skinned Sergeant-Major.  All are natives of the doomed Island of Seren who have escaped down the roots of a “World Tree” and emerged transformed into another country and century.  Their arch enemy is the fire-born demon, Tsoltan the F’dor, who seeks to destroy the world.  American author Elizabeth Haydon successfully melds elements of Celtic, Norse and animist myth into her engaging novels.  The Hollow Queen (Tor, 6/2015), is the latest installment.  Wartime demands have taken their toll on the marriage of the Cymerian leaders, Rhapsody and Ashe. Rhapsody, who is missing a piece of her soul, fights without truly knowing what she is fighting for, and risks losing everything.

posted 6/23/2015

Posted June/23/2015

Lewis Cole, New Hampshire detective

blood foamLewis Cole, the only survivor of a Department of Defense experiment gone wrong, is now retired, the recipient of a beachfront property in Tyler Beach, NH and a job as a columnist for Shoreline magazine, courtesy of his embarrassed former agency.  Lewis likes the quiet life, but still finds himself investigating crimes, partly at the behest of his friends, Diane Woods, a lesbian policewoman who is the sole detective on the Tyler police department, and Felix Tinios, a retired enforcer for organized crime. Lewis is a convincingly erudite but tough character who finds his way through a series of complex plots.  Life-long New Hampshire resident Brendan DuBois lovingly evokes the New Hampshire shoreline.  In his newest book, Blood Foam (Pegasus Crime, 6/2015), number 9 in the series, Cole is living in the back of his SUV while waiting for his home to be repaired.  Former girlfriend Paula Quinn requests his help in finding her fiancé, local attorney Mark Spencer, who has disappeared. In the end, Cole must connect the dots between small town New England and a biker gang from Wyoming.

posted 6/15/2015

Posted June/15/2015

Map of Time trilogy

parmaSpanish author Felix J. Palma’s Map of Time (Atria, 2011) was a best-seller in Spain, and gathered a large cult following in the U.S. The second book, Map of the Sky (Atria, 2012) won even more fans. Now readers’ patient waiting will be rewarded by the publication of the third and final installment, The Map of Chaos (Atria, 6/2015). The books are a wild and mix of historical fantasy, time travel, science fiction and romance—a real genre-bender. The books are set in the late nineteenth century and are based on some of the best known works of the famous British writer H. G. Wells, who appears as a character, along with Lewis Carroll (q.v.) and Arthur Conan Doyle (q.v.) and a slew of fictional characters such as the Invisible Man. Palma was best-known for his five books of short stories before writing the “Victorian Trilogy”.

–posted 6/6/2015



Posted June/6/2015

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