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Emile Cinq-Mars, Montreal detective

Emile Cinq-Mars is a traditional police detective, a bit dogged but very determined to solve the crimes that come his way, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly.  He is a tall, reserved man with auburn hair, a big nose and a penetrating gaze.   In his newest book, the fourth in the series, The Storm Murders (Minotaur, 5/2015), Emile is retired but agrees to act as a consultant when his old police partner, Bill Mathers, asks for his help on a double murder case.  John Farrow is the pen name of Trevor Ferguson, Montreal native, novelist, and playwright.

–posted 5/26/2015

Posted May/26/2015

Edna Ferber, detective

FerberEd Ifkovic’s mystery series stars the real-life best-selling author Edna Ferber as an amateur detective. Her books were made into Broadway musicals (Show Boat) and movies (Giant), so Edna is always working in an exciting place and with interesting historic personalities including James Dean, Frank Sinatra, George F. Kaufman.  The series chronology is a bit unusual:  Ifkovic apparently researches Edna’s life at a particular time and place, then writes the book.  Each book jumps to another place and time.  Fortunately he firmly dates them. The first book he wrote, Lone Star (Poisoned Pen, 2009) was set in 1955.  Recently he has been filling in back stories set in 1904 and 1914. Edna lived into her seventies, so Iflovic still has lots of fodder to work with. Cafe Europa (Poisoned Pen, 2015), the newest book in the series, is set in 1914 and follows Edna to Budapest in the company of British suffragette, Winifred Moss. A wealthy young American woman about to be forced into marriage with a European aristocrat, is murdered.

–posted 5/16/2015

Posted May/16/2015

Liam McLusky, Detective Inspector

HeltonDetective Inspector Liam McLusky, was seriously injured in his last post in Southampton. Now recovered and assigned to Bristol, McLusky has a chance for a new start. Unfortunately he brings his bad habits with him: He is a bad team player, he smokes and drinks too much and his arrogance alienates all his coworkers except his partner, Detective Sergeant John “Jane” Austin. This is a very funny police procedural series, realistic but not too violent. A Good Way to Go, (Severn, 5/2015), is the third book in the series. McLusky looks into the murder of an unidentified woman, whose body is found chained to a buoy in a canal lock.  Peter Helton is also the author of the Chris Honeysett mysteries.

–posted 5/10/2015

Posted May/15/2015

Hannah Dennison

Here’s a breezy new series for fans of the antiques-sleuth sub-genre. Kat Stanford, star of the TV series “Fakes and Treasures” has quit the show and plans to set up shop in the village of Little Dipperton, Devon. Her recently widowed mother Iris, has moved into the carriage house on the Honeychurch estate there. In the first book, Murder at Honeychurch Hall (Minotaur, 2014), the housekeeper at the Hall, who looks like Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Patmore, is murdered. Kat and her mother work with the local police detective to solve the case. Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall (Minotaur , 5/2015) is the second book in the series. Now the whole village is up in arms when a proposal is made to build a high-speed railway line through the town. Author Hannah Dennison has also written the Vicky Hill mystery series. She was born in England, but now lives in Portland, OR.  She was a journalist and an antiques dealer before turning to writing mysteries.

–posted 5/3/2015

Posted May/15/2015

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