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boschAuthor Michael Connelly has finally come to TV!  The first season of Bosch, the Netflix original series, was released in Jan. 2015.  Actor Titus Welliver plays the Harry Bosch, Connolly’s cynical LAPD detective.  The series has been universally praised by critics.   Readers may recognize some familiar plot elements because this season’s episodes are based on three Connelly titles:  City of Bones, The Concrete Blonde and Echo Park.  Binge watchers will zip right through all ten episodes and be crying for more–take my word for it.

–posted 2/27/2015

Posted February/27/2015

Stevens and Windemere series

laukkanenThis nicely complementary pair of investigators follows cases that lead them from city to city in tense pursuit of some interestingly tangled crimes. Carla Windermere is a tough African-American FBI special agent working out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul office. Kirk Stevens, an easy-going family man, is a Police Detective from Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Laukkanen’s criminals seem to be white collar types desperate to survive in a depressed economy. Turning to crime, however, gets them over their heads in worse trouble as they meet up with some hardened and violent criminals. Owen Laukkanen, sometime professional poker player and commercial fisherman as well as writer divides his time between Vancouver and Prince Edward Island in Canada. The Stolen Ones (Putnam, 3/2015), the fourth novel in the series, concerns a group of kidnapped women being brought to the USA in a shipping container by a sex trafficking ring.

–posted 2/23 2015

Posted February/23/2015

Blake Crouch

lasttownBlake Crouch is an author who tries the soul of librarians and reviewers who like to keep track of a writer’s output.  Although his career as an author spans less than ten years, Mr. Crouch has written 13 horror novels in four different series. After two hardcover books Desert Place (2004) and Locked Doors (2005) both by St. Martins, Blake turned to Kindle and self-publishing. Stories that began online, were then collected and reissued. Serials Uncut contains Serial, Bad Girl and Truck Stop. Serial Killers Uncut contains all of the above plus Killers, Break You and Birds of Prey. And to confuse us further, Crouch writes some of his books with joint authors such as J. A. Konrath or Jack Kilborn (who is also J. A. Konrath). Then some of Crouch’s characters wander into Konrath’s books and vice versa. Are you confused yet? Stirred (Thomas & Mercer, 2012) concludes Crouch’s Luther Kite series and also Konrath’s Jack Daniels series–I think. Anyway, Crouch’s latest book, The Last Town (Thomas & Mercer, July 2014) concludes his “Wayward Pines” trilogy, a fairly straightforward series about secret service agent Ethan Burke. The first book in this series, Pines (Thomas & Mercer, 2002), is reportedly being adapted for TV by Fox.

–posted 2/10/2015

Posted February/16/2015

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