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New Anna Travis

above suspicionIf you haven’t discovered Anna Travis yet, you have a treat waiting for you.  Anna is another smart and sexy female homicide detective created by the author of Prime Suspect, the PBS crime series starring Helen Mirren.  Anna was hired as a London police detective sergeant right out of Oxford.  As the daughter of police legend Detective Chief Inspector Jack Travis, Anna has a head start on other police rookies.  She has been hired by DCI James Langton, who takes a special interest in Anna as they work together on her first homicide in Above Suspicion (Touchstone, 2005).   Wrongful Death (Harper/Bourbon Street, 1/2015) is the ninth novel in the series. In this case, Anna is assigned to re-examine the supposed suicide of a London nightclub owner, after a credible report that the man was murdered.  She teams up with Jessie Dewar, an FBI agent who is in London doing research for a doctorate in forensic psychology.  Lynda LaPlante’s other two television series–Widows and Trial and Retribution–were hits in Britain.  Her books are regular best-sellers there and many have been adapted for television.

–posted 2/1/2015

Posted January/26/2015

Deatly Notions series

priceThe “Deadly Notions” series of cozy mysteries stars retired New York City schoolteacher Daisy Buchanan who moves, with her husband Joe, to the village of Millbury, in eastern Pennsylvania. Her shop, called Sometimes a Great Notion, is housed in a colorful gingerbread Victorian house on Main Street. It sells an eclectic collection of sewing “bits and bobs,” as well as antiques and jewelry. Cate Price was born in England and came to the U.S. when she was sixteen. Lie of the Needle (Berkley, 1/2015) is the third book in the series. The ladies of Milbury’s Historical Society have decided to prepare a “Hunky Man” calendar as a fund raising project, but when the calendar photographer is found murdered, the project goes sour.

–posted 1/25/2015

Posted January/22/2015

Another Glasgow police series

night huntereSequels has just discovered anther police detective series set in Glasgow.  The “Anderson and Costello” series stars Colin Anderson who is tall and fair-haired with a troubled marriage and two kids.  His partner, Winifred “Freddie” Costello, is a bit younger and brasher in her methods. In the first book, Anderson is an inspector and Costello is a sergeant, both working for Alan McAlpine, Detective Chief Inspector at the Partickhill station. Author Caro Ramsay is a native of Glasgow herself.   The Night Hunter, the fifth book in the series, was published by Severn in 2014.  The reason for the late addition of the series to eSequels is that the earlier books were published in England and may be difficult to find here, but now they are all available as Kindle editions.  For other Glasgow police detective series, see the works of Karen Campbell, Alex Gray, Quintin Jardine, William McIlvanney, Denise Mina and Peter Turnbull.

–posted 1/20/2015

Posted January/22/2015

Inspector Trotti series

convergingSoho Crime has begun re-issuing Timothy Williams’ Inspector Trotti series. Three were published in 2014 and two more are coming in 2015. If you are looking for another Italian detective to follow, you might try this series set in a small unnamed city in northern Italy (sometimes erroneously identified as Padua). Commissario Piero Trotti is on the verge of retirement from the police force. He is 56 years old, and though he is widely respected for his integrity and work ethic, he is not widely liked. The junior detectives he works with transfer because he’s too hard on them. The first book in the series, Converging Parallels, takes place in 1978, when an old friend asks Trotti to help find his missing daughter.  Big Italy, coming in February, 2015, concerns the murder of a prominent doctor.  Williams has also written two novels about Anne Marie Laveaud, a French/Algerian judge living in Guadeloupe.

–posted 1/11/2015

Posted January/14/2015

Horse-racing mysteries

stakesOne time boxer Jack Doyle, finds himself unemployed at 40 after being told that he “just doesn’t fit in” at the ad agency where he worked. His ego and optimism dented, Jack is force to review his blotchy career and two failed marriages. When a friend from the gym offers him $25,000 to work for a horse trainer in order to fix a race, he accepts. Unfortunately he attracts the attention of the FBI who strong-arm him into other under cover jobs. High Stakes (Poisoned Pen, 12/2014) is the fifth novel in the series. In it Doyle flies to Dublin to see jockey Mickey Sheehan win a major award. While there, he agrees to help Sheila Hanratty’s husband avoid further suspicious “accidents”.  Author John McEvoy, an editor and senior correspondent for the Daily Racing Form, has created a likeable protagonist in a series with insights into the colorful world of horse-racing.

–posted 1/4/2015

Posted January/1/2015

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