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New Zealand thriller

five-minutes-aloneFive Minutes Alone (Atria, 10/2014) is Edgar-nominated Paul Cleave’s fourth thriller starring PI and ex-cop Theodore Tate of Christchurch, New Zealand. “When you find the man who did this, give me five minutes alone with him.” That’s the phrase detectives often hear from the loved ones of victims. When the police find three dead or missing rapists within a two day period, Tate suspects that someone is helping victims and their families get revenge.  Cleave’s Christchurch Noir series has been enthusiastically greeted by American reviewers as “breathlessly suspenseful”.  And the unusual New Zealand setting is fresh and interesting.

–posted 10/26/2014

Posted October/30/2014

Joe Burgess, Portland’s meanest cop

FloraAnd Grant You Peace (Five Star, 10/2014) is the fourth installment in the popular Joe Burgess police detective series set in Portland, Maine. Burgess is a Vietnam veteran and an experienced homicide detective, self-described as a “bad tempered hardass who chewed new recruits to shreds the way some guys chewed gum.” He is reputed to be Portland’s “meanest cop.” This newest case begins with arson: someone has torched the Somali community’s mosque, trapping a young woman and her baby inside. Kate Flora also writes the Theo Kozak series.

–posted 10/19/2014

Posted October/30/2014

Another Queen Bee novel

Queen BeeIn 2003 Haywood Smith wrote The Red Hat Club (St. Martin’s, 2003) about a lively group of middle-aged women who meet for lunch wearing their gaudiest clothes and red hats as symbols of defiance of aging and social stagnation. Two sequels followed and real-life Red Hat Clubs sprang up everywhere. Her next book, Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch (St. Martin’s, 2003), about conservative Southern gentlewoman, Linwood Breedlove Scott, was also very popular. Now, 11 years later, she has resurrected the indomitable “Lin” for a sequel, Queen Bee Goes Home Again (St. Martin’s, 9/ 2014). “Lin” has lost her little house in the real estate bubble, and has to move back in with her family. How many libraries will still have the first Queen Bee book? My local library network has ten copies, all available.

–posted  10/12/2014

Posted October/29/2014

Forthcoming series titles

Albert, Susan Wittig

Queen Anne’s Lace   4/18   (China Bayles)

Allen, Barbara

Antiques Wanted   4/18   (Trash ‘n’ Treasures)

Andrews, Donna

Toucan Keep a Secret    8/18   (Meg Langslowe)

Andrews, Ilona

Magic Triumphs     5/17    (Kate Daniels)

Atherton, Nancy

Aunt Dimity and the King’s Ransom   6/18

Atkins, Ace

Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic    5/18   (Spenser)

The Sinners    7/18   (Quin Colson)

Baker, Mishell

The Imposter Syndrome    3/18    (Arcadia Project)

Baldacci, David

The Fallen      3/18    (Amos Decker)

Bannalec, Jean-Luke

The Fleur Sel Murders   4/18   (Brittany)

Bell, Ted

Overkill   5/18    (Alex Hawke)

Berenson, Laurien

Ruff Justice    6/18    (Melanie Travis)

Berry, Steve

The Bishop’s Pawn    3/18   (Cotton Malone)

Billingham, Mark

The Killing Habit    6/18    (Tom Thorne)

Black, Cara

Murder on the Left Bank    6/18   (Aimee Leduc)

Bowen, Rhys

Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding  8/18   (Royal Spyness)

Box, C. J.

The Disappeared    3/18   (Joe Picket)

Brown, Dale

The Moscow Offensive    6/18   (Brad McLanahan)

Brown, Rita Mae

Probable Claws     5/18   (Mrs. Murphy)

Bruns, Don

No Second Chances  3/18   (Quentin Archer)

Burdette, Lucy

Death on the Menu    8/18   (Key West Food Critic)

Cameron, Stella

Whisper the Dead   4/19   (Alex Duggins)

Carey, Mike

The Naming of the Beasts    6/18     (Felix Castor)

Carlisle, Kate

Buried in Books 6/18   (Bibliophile)

Castillo, Linda

A Gathering of Secrets    7/18    (Kate Burkholder)

Challinor, C. S.

Upstaged by Murder    7/18    (Rex Graves)

Childs, Laura

Plum Tea Crazy   3/18   (Tea Shop)

Clare, Alys

The Devil’s Cup   5/18    (Hawkenlye)

Cleland, Jane

Antique Blues   4/18   (Josie Prescott)

Coes, Ben

Bloody Sunday    6/18   (Dewey Andreas)

Connolly, John

The Woman in the Woods    6/18   (Charlie Parker)

Cotterill, Colin

Don’t Eat Me   6/18    (Siri Paiboun)

Coulter, Catherine

Paradox   7/18   (FBI thriller)

Coyle, Cleo

Shot in the Dark   4/18   (Coffeehouse)

Cussler, Clive

The Rising Sea    3/18    (NUMA)

The Gray Ghost    5/18   (Sam and Remi Fargo)

Daheim, Mary

A Case of Bier   7/18   (Bed-and-Breakfast)

Dams, Jeanne

Crisis at the Cathedral   6/18   (Dorothy Martin)

Davis, Lindsay

Pandors’s Boy    7/18   (Flavia Albia)

Deaver, Jeffery

The Cutting Edge    4/18    (Lincoln Rhyme)

Downing, David

The Dark Clouds Shining    4/18    (Jack McColl)

Dunn, Carola

The Corpse at the Crystal Palace  7/18   (Daisy Dalrymple)

Estleman, Loren

Black and White Ball   3/18   (Amos Walker)

Evanovich, Janet & Raymond Benson

The Mark   8/18   (Fox and O’Hare)

Evans, Mary Ann

Undercurrents    4/18   (Faye Longchamp)

Fanning, Diane

Sabotage in the Secret City   7/18   (Libby Clark)

Feehan, Christine

Covert Game    3/18   (Ghostwalker)

Flanders, Judith

A Howl of Wolves      5/18    (“Sam” Clair)

Florio, Gwen

Silent Hearts    7/18   (Lola Wicks)

Fluke, Joanne

Raspberry Danish Murder   2/18   (Hannah Swenson)

French, Nicci

Day of the Dead    7/18   (Frieda Klein)

George,  Elizabeth

The Punishment She Deserves   3/18   (Lynley)

Goldberg, Leonard

A Study in Treason   6/18   (Daughter of Sherlock Holmes)

Graham, Heather

Pale as Death   7/18   (Krewe of Hunters)

Gray, Shelley

His Risk    3/18   (Amish of Hart Co.)

Her Fear     7/18   (Amish of Hart Co.)

Green, Simon

Into the Thinnest of Air   3/18   (Ishmael Jones)

Griffiths, Elly

The Dark Angel    5/18   (Ruth Galloway)

Grimes, Martha

The Knowledge   4/18   (Richard Jury)

Hagberg, David

Flash Points   3/18   (McGarvey)

Haines, Carolyn

Charmed Bones    5/18   (Sarah Booth Delaney)

Hall, Parnell

The Purloined Puzzle   3/18   (Puzzle Lady)

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Serpentine   8/18   (Anita Blake)

Handler, David

The Man Who Couldn’t Miss   8/18   (Stewart Hoag)

Hannah, Sophie

The Mystery of Three Quarters     8/18    (Hercule Poirot)

Harris, C. S.

Why Kill the Innocent   4/18   (Sebastian St. Cyr)

Harrison, Cora

A Gruesome Discovery   3/18   (Reverend Mother)

Death of a Novice   7/18   (Reverend Mother)

Hart, Elsa

City of Ink    8/18   (Li Du)

Haseldine, Jane

Worth Killing For   3/18   (Julia Gooden)

Hearne, Kevin

Scourged    4/18   (Iron Druid)

Hillerman, Anne

Cave of Bones   4/18   (Leaphorn & Chee)

Hooper, Kay

Hold Back the Dark   4/18   (Bishop/SCU)

Housewright, David

Like to Die    6/18    (“Mac” McKenzie)

Indridason, Arnoldur

Shadow Killer   5/18   (Flóvent and Thorson)

Ison, Graham

Make Them Pay    5/18    (Brock & Poole)

Jance, J. A.

Duel to the Death    3/18   (Ali Reynolds)

Jenkins, Beverly

Second Time Sweeter   8/18   (Blessings)

Johansen, Iris

Shattered Mirror   3/18   (Eve Duncan)

Double Blind   7/18    (Kendra Michaels)

Kahn,  Ausma Zehanat

A Dangerous Crossing   2/18   (Esa Khattak)

Keller, Julia

Bone on Bone     8/18    (Bell Elkins)

Kellerman, Jonathan

A Measure of Darkness   7/18   (Clay Edison)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Death Doesn’t Bargain      5/18     (Dark Hunter)

King, Laurie R.

Island of the Mad    6/18    (Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell)

Koontz, Dean

The Silent Corner   3/18   (Jane Hawk)

Krueger, William Ken

Desolation Mountain   8/18    (Cork O’Connor)

Lansdale, Joe

Jackrabbit Smile    3/18   (Hap & Leonard)

Leon, Donna

The Temptation of Forgiveness   3/18   (Brunetti)

Malliet, G. M.

In Prior’s Wood    4/18   (Max Tudor)

Martini, Steve

The Secret Partner    5/18   (Paul Mandriani)

McCafferty, Keith

A Death in Eden    7/18    (Sean Stranahan)

McKevett, G. A.

Hide and Sneak    5/18   (Savannah Reid)

Michaels, Fern

Safe and Sound   7/18   (Sisterhood)

Modesitt, L. E.

Outcasts of Order    6/2018   (Saga of Recluce)

Moning, Karen

High Voltage    3/18   (Fever)

Moody, Susan

Quick on the Draw     7/18   (Alex Quick)

Muller, Marcia

The Breakers     8/18   (Sharon McCone)

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau

Cat Chase the Moon   8/18   (Joe Grey)

Neggers, Carla

Impostor’s Lure   8/18   (Emma Sharpe)

Nickson, Chris

Free From All Danger    2/18   (Richard Nottingham)

The Tin God    7/18   (Tom Harper)

Page, Nora

Better Off Read    6/18   (Bookmobile)

Paretsky, Sara

Fallout   4/18   (Warshawski)

Parker, Robert B.

see Atkins, Ace

Patterson, James

The 17th Suspect   3/18   (Women’s Murder Club)

Perry, Anne

Twenty-One Days   4/18   1st of the Daniel Pitt series

Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child

The Pharaoh Key      6/18   (Gideon Crew)

Pronzini, Bill

The Bag of Tricks Affair   3/18   (Carpenter & Quincannon)

Ramsay, Caro

The Suffering of Strangers   3/18   (Anderson & Costello)

Reichs, Kathy

A Conspiracy of Bones       8/18   (Temperance Brennan)

Riggs, Cynthia

Widow’s Wreath   5/18   (Martha’s Vineyard)

Robards, Karen

The Moscow Deception    6/18    (Bianca St. Ives)

Roby, Kimberla

Better Late than Never     7/18    (Curtis Black)

Rose, M. J.

Tiffany Blues    8/18   (Daughters of La Lune)

Rosenfeldt, David

Rescued      7/18     (Andy Carpenter)

Ross, Anne B.

Miss Julia Raises the Roof   4/18

Royal, Priscilla

Wild Justice   2/18   (Prioress Eleanor)

Sandford, John

Twisted Prey   4/18   (Lucas Davenport)

Scottoline, Lisa

Feared       8/18    (Rosato & DiNunzio)

Sefton, Maggie

Dyeing Up Loose Ends   6/18   (Knitting)

Silva, Daniel

The Other Woman   7/18    (Gabriel Allon)

Smith, Alexander McCall

The Quiet Side of Passion)   7/18   (Isabel Dalhousie)

Stanley, Kelli

City of Sharks   3/18   (Miranda Corbie)

Stansfield, Katherine

The Magpie Tree     6/18   (Cornish)

Thompson, Victoria

Murder on Union Square    5/18    (Gaslight Mystery)

Thor, Brad

Spymaster    7/18    (Scot Harvath)

Wagner, David

Funeral in Mantova   3/18   (Rick Montoya)

Walker, Martin

A Taste for Vengeance    6/18    (Chief Bruno Courreges)

Ward, J. R.

The Thief   4/18    (Black Dagger)

Weir, Alison

Jane Seymour      5/2018    (Six Tudor Queens)

Westerson, Jeri

The Deepest Grave     8/18  (Crispin Guest)

White, Randy

Caribbean Rim   3/18   (Doc Ford)

Whittle, Tina

Necessary Ends    4/18   (Tai Randolph)

Winspear, Jacqueline

To Die But Once   3/18   (Maisie Dobbs)

Woods, Stuart

Shoot First    4/18   (Stone Barrington)

–last updated   3/7/2018

Posted October/13/2014

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