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New Zealand thriller

five-minutes-aloneFive Minutes Alone (Atria, 10/2014) is Edgar-nominated Paul Cleave’s fourth thriller starring PI and ex-cop Theodore Tate of Christchurch, New Zealand. “When you find the man who did this, give me five minutes alone with him.” That’s the phrase detectives often hear from the loved ones of victims. When the police find three dead or missing rapists within a two day period, Tate suspects that someone is helping victims and their families get revenge.  Cleave’s Christchurch Noir series has been enthusiastically greeted by American reviewers as “breathlessly suspenseful”.  And the unusual New Zealand setting is fresh and interesting.

–posted 10/26/2014

Posted October/30/2014

Joe Burgess, Portland’s meanest cop

FloraAnd Grant You Peace (Five Star, 10/2014) is the fourth installment in the popular Joe Burgess police detective series set in Portland, Maine. Burgess is a Vietnam veteran and an experienced homicide detective, self-described as a “bad tempered hardass who chewed new recruits to shreds the way some guys chewed gum.” He is reputed to be Portland’s “meanest cop.” This newest case begins with arson: someone has torched the Somali community’s mosque, trapping a young woman and her baby inside. Kate Flora also writes the Theo Kozak series.

–posted 10/19/2014

Posted October/30/2014

Another Queen Bee novel

Queen BeeIn 2003 Haywood Smith wrote The Red Hat Club (St. Martin’s, 2003) about a lively group of middle-aged women who meet for lunch wearing their gaudiest clothes and red hats as symbols of defiance of aging and social stagnation. Two sequels followed and real-life Red Hat Clubs sprang up everywhere. Her next book, Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch (St. Martin’s, 2003), about conservative Southern gentlewoman, Linwood Breedlove Scott, was also very popular. Now, 11 years later, she has resurrected the indomitable “Lin” for a sequel, Queen Bee Goes Home Again (St. Martin’s, 9/ 2014). “Lin” has lost her little house in the real estate bubble, and has to move back in with her family. How many libraries will still have the first Queen Bee book? My local library network has ten copies, all available.

–posted  10/12/2014

Posted October/29/2014

Forthcoming series titles

Abel, James

Vector   7/17   (Joe Rush)

Adams, Jane A.

Death Scene   7/17   (DI Henry Johnstone)

Adler-Olson, Jussi

The Scarred Woman   9/17  (Morck/Dept. Q)

Akunin, Boris

The State Counsellor   7/17   (Fandorin)

Alexander, Tasha

Death in St. Petersburg   10/17   (Lady Emily)

Andrews, Donna

Gone Gull   8/17   (Meg Langslow)

How the Finch Stole Christmas   10/17   (Meg Langslow)

The Fallen   7/17   (Quinn Colson)

Baldacci, David

End Game   11/17   (Will Robie)

Barrett, Lorna

A Just Clause    6/17   (Booktown)

Beaton, M. C.

The Witches’ Tree   10/17   (Agatha Raisin)

Benn, James R.

The Devouring   10/17   (Billy Boyle)

Berenson, Laurien

Murder at the Puppy Fest   6/17   (Melanie Travis)

Bowen, Rhys

The Ghost of Christmas Past   11/17   (Molly Murohy Sullivan)

Box, C. J.

Paradise Valley   7/17   non-series

Bradford, Barbara Taylor

Secrets of Cavendon   11/17   (Cavendon Chronicles)

Brennan, Allison

Shattered   8/17   (Max Revere)

Brockmann, Suzanne

Some Kind of Hero   7/17   (Troubleshooters)

Brookmyre, Christopher

The Last Hack   7/17   (Jack Parlabane)

Brooks, Terry

The Black Elfstone   6/17   (Shannara)

Brown, Dan

Origin    9/17   (Robert Langdon)

Brown, Pierce

Iron Gold   10/17   (Red Rising)

Brown, Rita Mae

Crazy Like a Fox   10/17   (Sister Jane Arnold)

Bruen, Ken

The Ghosts of Galway   11/17   (Jack Taylor)

Cameron, Marc

Tom Clancy Power and Empire   11/17   (Jack Ryan)

Camilleri, Andrea

A Nest of Vipers   8/17   (Insp. Montalbano)

Carlisle, Kate

Once Upon a Spine    6/17  (Bibliophile)

Casey, Jane

Let the Dead Speak     7/17   (Maeve Kerrigan)

Castillo, Linda

Down a Dark Road   7/17   (Kate Burkholder)

Chercover, Sean

The Savior’s Game    7/17   (Daniel Byrne)

Child, Lee

Midnight Line   11/17   (Jack Reacher)

Child, Lincoln

Full Wolf Moon   6/17   (Jeremy Logan)

Clancy, Tom  see Marc Cameron

Cleeves, Ann

Telling Tales   8/17   (Vera Stanhope)

Coben, Harlan

Don’t Let Go   9/17   non-series

Coes, Ben

Trap the Devil   6/17   (Dewey Andreas)

Coleman, Reed Farrel

Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet   9/17   (Jesse Stone)

Colgan, Jenny

Christmas at Little Beach Street   10/17   (Little Beach St. Bakery)

Connelly, Michael

Two Kinds of Truth   10/17   (Harry Bosch)

Connolly, John

A Game of Ghosts   7/17   (Charlie Parker)

Copperman, E. J.

Dog Dish of Doom   8/17   1st of a new series

Corby, Gary

Death on Delos   7/17   (Nico, the Athenian)

Corrigan, Maya

The Tell-Tale Tarts    6/17   (Five Ingredients)

Crais, Robert

The Wanted   6/17   (Cole & Pike)

Crawford, Isis

A Catered Costume Party   8/17   (Mysteries with Recipes)

Crider, Bill

Dead, To Begin With   8/17   (Dan Rhodes)

Daheim, Mary

A Case of Bier   11/17   (Bed-and-Breakfast)

Davis, Lindsey

The Third Nero   7/17   (Flavia Alba)

Delaney, Kathleen

Blood Red, White and Blue   7/17   (Mary McGill)

Dodd, Christina

The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream   9/17   (Virtue Falls)

Doiron, Paul

Knife Creek   6/17   (Mike Bowditch)

Dunn, Matthew

Act of Betrayal    10/17   (Will Cochrane)

Evanovich, Janet

Dangerous Minds   6/17   (Knight & Moon)

Hard Core   11/17   (Stephanie Plum)

Fairsteen, Linda

Deadfall    7/17   (Alexandra Cooper)

Flynn, Vince and Kyle Mills

New book as yet untitled   9/17   (Mitch Rapp)

Follett, Ken

A Column of Fire   9/17   (Kingsbridge)

Freed, David

Kill Circle    9/17   (Cordell Logan)

Fury, Dalton

Execute Authority   9/17   (Delta Force)

Gabaldon, Diana

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall    6/17   (Outlander story collection)

Gentill, Sulari

Miles Off Course   6/17   (Rowland Sinclair)

Gerritson, Tess

I Know a Secret    8/17   (Rizzoli and Isles)

Gilstrap, John

Final Target   6/17   (Jonathan Graves)

Goldenbaum, Sally

Murder Wears Mittens   8/17   (Seaside Knitters)

Golemon, David

Beyond the Sea   6/17   (Event Group)

Grafton, Sue

Y is for . . .   9/17   (Kinsey Milhone)

Graham, Heather

Dark Rites   7/17   (MIRA)

Hall, Rachel Howzell

City of Saviors   8/17   (Det. Louise Norton)

Hamilton, Glen Erik

Every Day Above Ground   7/17   (Van Shaw)

Hammer, Lotte and Soren

The Lake    7/17   (Konrad Simonsen)

Hart, Carolyn

Ghost on the Case   10/17   (Bailey Ruth)

Hart, Rob

The Woman from Prague   7/17   (Ash McKenna)

Hearne, Kevin

Besieged    7/17      stories   (Atticus O’Sullivan)

Henshaw, Mark

The Last Man in Teheran   7/17   (Stryker and Burke)

Hilderbrand, Elin

Winter Solstice   10/17   (Quinns of Winter St.)

Hilton, Matt

Raw Wounds   7/17  (PI Tess Grey and “Po” Villere)

Hollis,  Lee

Death of a Lobster Lover   6/17   (Hayley Powell)

Horst, Jorn Lier

Ordeal    8/17   (Insp. Wisting)

Indridason, Arnoldur

Shadow District   11/17   first of a new series

James, Peter

Need You Dead   6/17   (Roy Grace)

Jance, J. A.

Proof of Life   9/17   (Beaumont)

Johansen, Iris

Look Behind You   7/17   (Kendra Michaels)

Mind Games   10/17   (Eve Duncan)

Jones, Darynda

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave   10/17   (Charley Davidson)

Kadrey, Richard

The Kill Society   6/17   (Sandman Slim)

Karon, Jan

To Be Where You Are   9/17   (Mitford)

Keller, Julia

Fast Falls the Night   8/17   (Belle Elkins)

Kellerman, Faye

Killing Season   8/17   non-series

Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Dragonsworn   7/17  (Dragon’s Rising)

Knopf, Chris

Tango Down   8/17   (Sam Acquillo)

Koontz, Dean

The Silent Corner   6/17  1st of a new series

Kreuger, William

Sulfur Spring   7/17   (Cork O’Connor)

Lanh, Andrew

Child of My Winter   7/17   (Ric Van Lam)

Larsen, Ward

Assassin’t Code  8/17   (David Slaton)

Laurie, Victoria

A Panicked Premonition   7/17  (Psychic Eye)

Lawton, John

Friends and Traitors   10/17   (Inspector Troy)

Limon, Martin

The Nine-Tailed Fox   10/17   (George Sueno and Ernie Bascom)

Loefelm, Bill

The Devil’s Muse   7/17   (Maureen Coughlin)

Lustbader, Erik Van

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Initiative   6/17

MacLean, Sarah

The Day of the Duchess    6/17   (Scandal and Scoundrel)

MacNeal, Susan

The Paris Spy    8/17   (Maggie Hope)

Macomber, Debbie

Any Dream Will Do   7/17   non-series

Marks, Mary

Knot What You Think   7/17  (Quilting)

Matthews, Jason

The Kremlin’s Case   8/17   (Nash/Egorova)

Maxwell, Alyssa

Murder at Chateau sur Mer   7/7   (Gilded Age)

McCafferty, Keith

Cold Hearted River   7/17   (Sean Stranahan)

McCall-Smith, Alexander

House of Unexpected Sisters   11/17   (No. 1 Ladies)

McCrumb, Sharyn

The Unquiet Grave   9/17   standalone

McKinlay, Jenn

Death in the Stacks   11/17  (Library Lovers)

Mogford, Thomas

A Thousand Cuts   7/17   (Spike Sanguinetti)

Moon, Elizabeth

Cold Welcome  4/17   (Vatta’s War)

Muller, Marcia

The Color of Fear   8/17   (Sharon McCone)

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau

Cat Shining Bright    8/17   (Joe Grey)

Neggers, Carla

Thief’s Mark   7/17   (Sharpe/Donovan)

Owen, Howard

The Devil’s Triangle   6/17   (Willie Black)

Patterson, James

Dr. Death   6/17   non-series

The Store    8/17   non-series

Haunter   9/17   (Michael Bennett)

The People versus Alex Cross    11/17

Perry, Anne

A Christmas Return   11/17   (Thomas Pitt)

Peters, Ellis

The Painted Queen   7/17   (Amelia Peabody)

Quinn, Spencer

The Right Side   6/17   non-series

Reichs, Kathy

Two Nights   7/17  non-series

Robards, Karen

The Ultimatum   6/17   non-series

Robb, J. D.

Secrets in Death    9/17   (Eve Dallas)

Robinson, Peter

Sleeping in the Ground    8/17   (Insp. Banks)

Roby, Kimberla

Sin of a Woman     6/17    (Curtis Black)

Rose, M. J.

The Library of Light andShadow   7/17   (Daughters of La Lune)

Rosenfelt, David

Collared   7/17   (Andy Carpenter)

Sandford, John

Deep Freeze    10/17   (Virgil Flowers)

Scottoline, Lisa

Exposed   8/17   (Rosato & DiNunzio)

Sharp, Zoe

Fox Hunter   7/17   (Charlie Fox)

Smith, Alexander McCall

A Distant View of Everything   7/17  (Isabel Dalhousie)

Smith, Lachlan

Wolf’s Revenge   10/17   (Leo Maxwell)

Smith, Wilbur

The Tiger’s Prey   10/17   (Tom Courtney)

Spencer, Sally

The Hidden   7/17   (Paniakowski)

Stanley, Michael

Dying to Live   10/17   (Detective Kubu)

Stewart, Amy

Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions   9/17   (Kopp sisters)

Sykes, S. D.

City of Masks   7/17   (Somerhill Manor)

Thomas, Will

Old Scores   10/17    (Barker & Llewelyn)

Thomson, Lesley

The Dog Walker   6/17   (Stella Darnell)

Thor, Brad

Use of Force    6/17   (Scott Harvath)

Tremayne, Peter

Penance of the Damned   7/17   (Sister Fidelma)

Trow, M. J.

Eleventh Hour   7/17   (Christopher Marlowe)

Walker, Martin

The Templars’ Last Secret    7/17    (Insp. Bruno)

Wilson, Glenis

Dead Reckoning   7/17   (Harry Radcliffe)

Wong, David

What the Hell Did I Just Read   10/17   (John Dies at the End)

Woods, Sheryl

Lilac Lane    10/17   (Chesapeake Shores)

Woods, Stuart

Indecent Exposure    6/17    (Stone Barrington)

Barely Legal   8/17   (Stone Barrington)

Quick and Dirty   10/17   (Stone Barrington)

–last updated   6/2/2017

Posted October/13/2014

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