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The Lewis Trilogy

You might think there would be little crime on the Hebrides, the remote islands off Scotland, but Peter May’s books will change your mind.  The Lewis Man (Quercus, 9/2014) is the second book in his projected trilogy about Fin MacLeod.   When we first meet Fin in The Blackhouse (Sterling, 2012), he is a detective in the Edinburgh police force.  When a murder happens on the Isle of Lewis, Fin, who was born and raised in the Outer Hebrides, is sent to investigate.  The experience changes his life.  In the new novel The Lewis Man, Fin is now living on the island of Lewis, but he is drawn into investigating a local mystery.  The versatile Peter May has written numerous television dramas and two other series.  These thrillers are masterfully written and have garnered rave reviews.

–posted 9/15/2014

Posted September/14/2014

Grace Burrowes

Keeping up with romance writer Grace Burrowes isn’t easy.  She wrote 15 novels in 2013, 15 in 2014 and has already announced 7 in the works for 2015.  The Windham series is set in Regency England, the MacGregor series is set in the Scottish Highlands during the Victorian period, and the Captive Hearts series is set during the war with Napoleon.  Her new series, Sweetest Kisses, announced for 2015 will be contemporary romances.   The Laird (Sourcebooks Casablanca, 9/2014) is the third book in the Captive Hearts series.  All the main characters have been influenced by the Napoleonic war:   some were tortured as prisoners, some lost husbands and lovers, others were bereft at home struggling on their own.  This series is said to be a little darker than Burrowes other novels, but that hasn’t put off her legion of fans.  All agree that Burrowes books are well written.  Their wit, fully drawn characters and unusual story lines have great appeal.

–posted 9/8/2014

Posted September/11/2014

Terrorists in Manchester

When we first meet her, Liz Carlyle is an agent in MI5, the British intelligence agency. She is young and hip and bored with her married lover. Under her leadership, her counter-terrorism team has enjoyed impressive success at identifying and disabling terrorist plots. Author Stella Rimington was herself the first female head of M15.  Her characters, good and bad, are well-drawn and the situations they deal with seem chillingly authentic.  Close Call (August, 2014) is the eighth book in the series.  It concerns a shipment of guns and bombs from Yemen to a warehouse outside Manchester, where terrorists appear to be planning to attack a soccer stadium.

–posted 9/1/2014

Posted September/1/2014

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