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Festival in Prior’s Ford

Prior’s Ford is a pretty Scottish border town with all the usual small town problems: personality clashes, greedy outside investors, scandals, broken hearts and true love.   The series is now being published in the U.S. by Severn House and will be welcomed by all “gentle fiction” readers here.  Popular Scottish author Evelyn Hood has written thirty other novels as well as plays and non-fiction.  Pseudonym alert:  the first four novels of the series were published in England under the pseudonym Eve Houston. Festival in Prior’s Ford (Severn, 4/14) is the seventh book in the series (the fourth to be released in the U.S.).  The village residents are as busy as ever: the “Progress” committee is planning to expand the Scarecrow fair into an ambitious Festival to attract tourists. Ginny Whitelaw’s flamboyant mother is badgering her about the wedding: Ginny wants a small village wedding and her mother is set on a big society wedding in London. Stella Hesslett’s overbearing sister has come to visit and seems to be settling in. But never fear. By the end of the book we know that all problems will be happily resolved in Prior’s Ford.

–posted 4/28/14

Posted April/27/2014

Detective Glyn Capaldi

Welsh Detective Sergeant Glyn Capaldi should feel grateful to have a job so far out in the country that most of his cases involve sheep. He was given the choice of taking the position or being fired from the Cardiff police department after a badly mishandling case. So now he is living in a deserted caravan (British for trailer) park in the back of beyond. Capaldi is half Welsh and half Italian, a fiery mixture, but he makes a very satisfying character to read about. Author Ewart Hutton was born in Glasgow, but now lives in the Welsh Marches. Wild People (Blue Door/Harper Collins, 3/2014) is the third volume in the series. It begins with Capaldi in the hospital recuperating from concussion and other wounds received in a car crash. The young girl he was taking back to the police station didn’t survive the crash.

–posted 4/21/14

Posted April/21/2014

New Donna Leon

leonDonna Leon’s new Guido Brunetti mystery concerns the theft and mutilation of rare books from the Biblioteca Merula, a private library in Venice. By its Cover: (Atlantic Monthly, 4/2014) is sure to appeal to librarians and other bookish types who love the Brunetti books.Chief librarian Patrizia Fabbiani shows Brunetti travel books with their maps and illustrations cut out.An American, posing as a Professor from the University of Kansas is the most likely suspect.His credentials don’t check out and he has disappeared.Then one of the library’s regular users, a former priest who may have witnessed the crimes, is murdered.

–posted 4/12/2014

Posted April/19/2014

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