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New Inspector Ian Rutledge

huntingHunting Shadows (Morrow, 2/2014) is the 16th novel in the Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery series. It is set in 1920’s England where Rutledge has recently returned to Scotland Yard after serving in World War I. Because he still shows signs of shell-shock and is haunted by memories of the young Scottish soldier he had unwillingly executed, Ian is often sent out to remote areas to investigate seemingly hopeless murders. In this case his assignment takes him to the Fen country of East Anglia to investigate the murder of two seemingly unrelated men. These atmospheric, well-plotted mysteries are written by a mother/son team David Todd Watjen & Carolyn L.T. Watjen under the pseudonym of Charles Todd.

–posted 12/16/2013

Posted December/17/2013

New Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins’ 20th thriller, The Death Trade (Putnam, 12/2013), sends Sean Dillon on a mission to rescue an eminent Iranian scientist who is being forced to work on building a nuclear bomb.  His elderly mother and invalid daughter are being held hostage to assure his cooperation.  If he escapes, his family will be killed.  Sean and the rest of the small band known as the Prime Minister’s private army must get these victimized Iranians to safety in England.  The newest member of the team is Sara Gideon, an intelligence officer and a war hero.  She first appeared as the kidnapped victim in Higgins’ previous novel, A Devil is Waiting (Putnam, 2012).

–posted 12/8/2013

Posted December/7/2013

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