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New Roy Grace

Dead Man’s Time (Minotaur, 2013) is the ninth volume of Peter James’ police procedural series starring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police. This case starts with a kidnapping in New York City in 1922, then moves on to the present day murder of an elderly woman and the theft of a valuable watch and other antiques from her Brighton home. The victim’s brother, 95-year-old Gavin Daly, is determined to avenge his sister’s death and perhaps discover the truth about his father’s kidnapping those many years ago. Roy Grace is five foot ten, about forty years old, not handsome but nevertheless attractive to women. He and Cleo Morey are finally married and their son Noah is a healthy infant. Roy’s first wife Sandy is still missing. Some readers admit to being a bit weary of Sandy and her disappearance, and are hoping that Peter James finishes her off one way or another.

–posted 10/28/2013

Posted October/28/2013

Plague Ship

If you enjoyed Patient One (Midnight Ink, 10/8/2012) by Leonard S. Goldberg, you’ll be happy to know that he has written a follow-up also starring Dr. David Ballineau, head of the emergency room at Los Angeles’ University Hospital. This new book is entitled Plague Ship (Midnight Ink, 2013): no doubt about what medical emergency threatens the world this time. The stalwart doctor, his wife, nurse Carolyn Ross, and his young daughter Kit are aboard a luxury cruise ship that is threatened by something far worse that seasickness. Gradually the dimensions of the problem become known. But Dr. Ballineau, brave survivor of duty in Special Forces in Somalia, will save the day. Goldberg honed his skill in a 9-volume series of medical thrillers featuring forensic pathologist Joanna Blalock and Lieutenant Jake Sinclair of the Los Angeles Police Department. Goldberg is a physician and professor at UCLA’s Medical Center.

–posted 10/20/2013

Posted October/22/2013

Sycamore Row

sycaUntil now, John Grisham’s 26 novels have been stand-alones. All legal thrillers, to be sure, but they had different settings, different good guys, different bad guys. Now after 25 years Grisham has written a sequel to his first book, A Time to Kill (Wynwood Press, 1989). In Sycamore Row (Doubleday, 10/22/2013) Jake Brigance returns to the Ford County courtroom in a bona fide sequel. And now we can include him in eSequels. A Time to Kill was not an immediate bestseller. In fact Grisham had a hard time finding a publisher for his first book. But after The Firm and The Pelican Brief, became bestsellers, A Time to Kill was republished in hardcover by Doubleday and in paperback by Dell.

–posted 10/13/2013

Posted October/13/2013

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? is being reissued in paperback on October  1, 2013 by Grand Central Publishing with a new introduction by literary agent Mitch Douglas.   Written by Henry Farrell and originally published in 1960 by Rinehart & Company, the novel  was made into the mesmerizing horror film starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in 1962.  Even if your catalog lists a copy of the original book, chances are it’s a phantom–long gone, lost or simply disintegrated beyond repair–so you will probably want to buy a fresh copy or two.  According to Amazon, a fine copy of the 1960 hardcover is valued at $490.  So if you happen to find a good copy, check its value.  Better yet, if you happen to have a fine hardcover copy of William March’s The Bad Seed published by Harper in 1954, it’s apparently worth $500!

–posted 10/6/2013

Posted October/6/2013

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