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New Serial killer series

perfectHere is a new serial killer series that we just caught up with.  It stars Detective John Stallings of the Jacksonville, Florida sheriff’s office. Specializing in missing persons, Stallings is dogged, almost obsessive, when it comes to missing juveniles and runaways–his own 16-year-old daughter disappeared three years ago.  James Andrus is the pseudonym of a policeman still in active service somewhere in the South.  His first-hand knowledge of law enforcement shows through in the gritty reality that Stallings and his partner Patty Levine face, the dangers that follow them, the difficulties that police work causes for their families and the inner politics of city policing that sometimes hinders an investigation.  The Perfect Scream (Pinnacle, 2/2013) is the fourth book in the series.  It concerns a series of strangling deaths at a local fraternity.  During this investigation Stallings finds a clue about the disappearance of his missing daughter.

–posted 2/24/2013

Posted February/24/2013

New spy thriller

CIA agent John Wells is the hero of a successful series of spy thrillers by Alex Berenson.   Wells is as strong and as resourceful as any spy, but unusual in that he became a devout Muslim while embedded with al-Qaeda.  When he returns to the US with divided loyalties, his colleagues in the CIA distrust him (except for Jenny Exley, who becomes his fiancee).  Wells fights a host of villains in exotic locations like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Kenya.  The Faithful Spy (Random House, 2006), the first book in the series won an Edgar Award for the best first novel by an American author.  Before turning to fiction Berenson worked as a journalist and covered the occupation of Iraq in 2003-4 for “The New York Times”.   The Night Rangers (Putnam, 2/2013) is Berenson’s newest book.  It takes him to Kenya in a search of four young Americans volunteers who were kidnapped from a refugee camp.

–posted 2/3/2013

Posted February/3/2013

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