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YA Evanovich?

We knew from the beginning that Wicked Appetite (St. Martin’s, 2010) would be a series.  Now the publication of Wicked Business (Bantam, 6/2012) makes it official and we can expect more “Lizzy and Diesel” books–one on each of the deadly sins. The main character, Lizzy Tucker runs Dazzle’s Bakery in Salem Massachusetts.  Her sidekick is Diesel from Visions of Sugar Plums published by St. Martin’s in 2002, one of Evanovich’s Christmas books.  Diesel is handsome and charming, but alas, part angel.  When he resorts to using his magic powers, problems go away.  But he is not omniscient;  his evil cousin Gerwulf Grimoire is his nemesis.  In order to give these books YA appeal, Evanovich has replaced profanity with fart jokes, sex with romance and added a touch of the supernatural.  Adults seem to find this series inane.  Will it fly with YAs?  Sales of this second book will give us the answer.

–posted    5/28/2012

Posted May/28/2012

A lonely and depressed werewolf

Now here’s an unusual werewolf novel. This committed mystery reader might even give it a try.  Reviews of British author Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf (Knopf, 2011) were superlative, calling it a “definitive new version of the werewolf legend—mesmerizing and incredibly sexy”. Jake Marlowe is a “werewolf for the twenty-first century”—a man whose deeds may be monstrous but who is at the same time “deeply human”.  Talulla Rising (Knopf, 6/2012) is the second in the series.  It features Talulla Demetriou, Jake’s lover and the mother of his child.  Duncan’s smooth prose and dark humor add to the success of his supernatural page-turners.  Be sure to read these books in order.

–posted 5/20/2012

Posted May/20/2012

New Chris Grabenstein

Former military policeman John Ceepak and his young partner Danny Boyle are cops in the resort town of Sea Haven, New Jersey.  The only thing Ceepak and Boyle have in common is a love for Bruce Springsteen’s music.  Ceepak is all business, “a cop 24/7,” who does “not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do.”  Boyle, who originally came on the force as a part-time summer cop in order to impress college girls, is a rather callow, light-hearted, wise-cracking sort.  This odd couple manages to work together to the conclusion of each case in Grabenstein’s funny and suspenseful books. Fun House (Pegasus, 2012), is the seventh book in the series.  It tells what mayhem happens when a reality TV show comes to town.

–posted  5/15/2012

Posted May/15/2012

Prolific Katy Munger

Katy Munger has written six mysteries featuring the indomitable Casey Jones.  Because Casey served a short stretch in a Florida jail, she can’t get a PI license in Raleigh, N.C., where she now lives. Instead she does legwork for the blimp-sized PI Bobby D.  Readers happily followed smart and sassy Casey from Legwork (Avon, 1997) to Bad Moon on the Rise (Thalia, 2009) and hope to see further installments of her adventures.

Then in 2009 under the pseudonym of Chaz McGee, Munger wrote two very different mysteries featuring the “Dead Detective” Kevin Fahey, who in life was a bad cop, a mediocre husband, an absent father and a drunk. After death, he tries to make up for his deficiencies in life. But the newest books in the series Angel of Darkness (Severn, April 2012) and Angel Among Us to be published by Severn House in November 2012, dispense with the McGee pseudonym and list Katy Munger as the author.  What’s a bibliographer to do?

And, by the way, Munger is also the author of the Hubbert and Lil mysteries written under the pseudonym of Gallagher Gray.  Sometimes called the Partners in Crime series, these four books, written between 1994 and 1997, feature feisty 84-year-old Auntie Lil and her button-downed 55-year-old-nephew T.S. Hubbert, who do their bit to make the streets of New York less dangerous.

–posted 5/6/2012

Posted May/6/2012

WW II Washington DC sleuth

Raleigh North Carolina resident Sarah Shaber has written a pair of novels set in World War II Washington DC featuring young widow Louise Pearlie who works as a file clerk for the Office of Secret Services (OSS), precursor to the CIA.  In her first case Louise’s War (Severn 2011), Louise tries to help Rachel Bloch, a college friend, escape Vichy France before the Germans take over.  In the new book, Louise’s Gamble (Severn, 5/1/2012) Louise befriends a refugee who turns out to be a Countess.  Shaber’s other series stars Simon Shaw, history professor at a college in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a propensity for amateur sleuthing.

–posted 4/30/2012

Posted May/1/2012

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