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New Bill Slider

Detective Bill Slider fans are eagerly awaiting the new book,  Kill My Darling (Severn, 2/1/2012).  Many readers place author Cynthia Harrod-Eagles’ series at the very top of their list of best British police procedurals.  Not only are the puzzles tricky and the books well-written, but the detectives, criminals and victims are all so well-drawn.  This case begins when the body of a pretty young woman is found in a wooded area in Bill Slider’s slice of west suburban London (Shepherd’s Bush).  At first, suspects are few;  Melanie Hunter was a nice woman just beginning a career in paleontology, seemingly without any enemies.  Bill and his team eventually flush out some suspects:  her boyfriend is apparently a rather sleazy real estate agent, her step-father may be a sadist, and her neighbor is an ex-con convicted of murdering  his wife.  And, of course, we get to catch up with the members of Slider’s firm (English for team):  snappy Sergeant Atherton;  blustering Superintendent Porson whose malapropisms are legendary, DC McLaren and his drippy sandwiches, etc.

–posted 1/28/2012

Posted January/27/2012

Last Blaise Clement title

Author Blaize Clement died of cancer in July 2011, leaving two Dixie Hemmingway mysteries in the works.  The Cat Sitter’s Pajamas, the last book completed by her, was released on January 3, 2012 by Minotaur.  In it, Dixie agrees to take care of two cats belonging to a football celebrity, which leads to her involvement in the surprisingly dangerous world of counterfeit high fashion.  Dixie Hemingway fans will be happy to hear that Blaise Clement’s son, John Clement, is under contract with Minotaur to write at least two more books in the Catsitter’s mystery series.

–posted  1/23/2012

Posted January/24/2012

Young Bill Gastner of Posadas County

Fans of Steven Havill’s Posadas County (NM) mysteries have a treat in store for them with the newest book in the series.   One Perfect Shot (Poisoned Pen, 1/3/2012) is a prequel that takes us back to the time when undersheriff Bill Gastner first meets Estelle Reyes.  His boss has hired her as a new deputy without consulting Bill. At 19, young Estelle is the first female road patrol deputy in the county.   Under Bill’s tutelage, she learns the ropes fast.  Gastner was already pushing  sixty when we first met him in Heartshot published by St. Martin’s in 1991. He was a grumpy overweight widower, so it is great to see him as a younger man.  Let’s hope Steven Havill continues to fill in the back story.

–posted 1/15/2012

Posted January/15/2012

New Kate Sugak

Dana Stabenow fans will be happy to hear that her new book, Restless in the Grave (Minotaur, 2/14/2012), will bring State Trooper Liam Campbell and Kate together.  The smart and sexy Liam starred in four earlier books, the last one being Better to Rest (NAL, 2002).  It should be fun to see Kate and Liam together.  The case involves the question of possible sabotage when the small plane of an Alaskan aviation magnate goes down in flames.  To investigate, private eye Kate must go undercover as a waitress in a bar.

–posted 1/10/2012

Posted January/10/2012

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