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Forthcoming series titles

Abel, James

Vector   7/17   (Joe Rush)

Adams, Jane A.

Death Scene   7/17   (DI Henry Johnstone)

Adler-Olson, Jussi

The Scarred Woman   9/17  (Morck/Dept. Q)

Akunin, Boris

The State Counsellor   7/17   (Fandorin)

Alexander, Tasha

Death in St. Petersburg   10/17   (Lady Emily)

Andrews, Donna

Gone Gull   8/17   (Meg Langslow)

How the Finch Stole Christmas   10/17   (Meg Langslow)

The Fallen   7/17   (Quinn Colson)

Baldacci, David

End Game   11/17   (Will Robie)

Barrett, Lorna

A Just Clause    6/17   (Booktown)

Beaton, M. C.

The Witches’ Tree   10/17   (Agatha Raisin)

Benn, James R.

The Devouring   10/17   (Billy Boyle)

Berenson, Laurien

Murder at the Puppy Fest   6/17   (Melanie Travis)

Bowen, Rhys

The Ghost of Christmas Past   11/17   (Molly Murohy Sullivan)

Box, C. J.

Paradise Valley   7/17   non-series

Bradford, Barbara Taylor

Secrets of Cavendon   11/17   (Cavendon Chronicles)

Brennan, Allison

Shattered   8/17   (Max Revere)

Brockmann, Suzanne

Some Kind of Hero   7/17   (Troubleshooters)

Brookmyre, Christopher

The Last Hack   7/17   (Jack Parlabane)

Brooks, Terry

The Black Elfstone   6/17   (Shannara)

Brown, Dan

Origin    9/17   (Robert Langdon)

Brown, Pierce

Iron Gold   10/17   (Red Rising)

Brown, Rita Mae

Crazy Like a Fox   10/17   (Sister Jane Arnold)

Bruen, Ken

The Ghosts of Galway   11/17   (Jack Taylor)

Cameron, Marc

Tom Clancy Power and Empire   11/17   (Jack Ryan)

Camilleri, Andrea

A Nest of Vipers   8/17   (Insp. Montalbano)

Carlisle, Kate

Once Upon a Spine    6/17  (Bibliophile)

Casey, Jane

Let the Dead Speak     7/17   (Maeve Kerrigan)

Castillo, Linda

Down a Dark Road   7/17   (Kate Burkholder)

Chercover, Sean

The Savior’s Game    7/17   (Daniel Byrne)

Child, Lee

Midnight Line   11/17   (Jack Reacher)

Child, Lincoln

Full Wolf Moon   6/17   (Jeremy Logan)

Clancy, Tom  see Marc Cameron

Cleeves, Ann

Telling Tales   8/17   (Vera Stanhope)

Coben, Harlan

Don’t Let Go   9/17   non-series

Coes, Ben

Trap the Devil   6/17   (Dewey Andreas)

Coleman, Reed Farrel

Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet   9/17   (Jesse Stone)

Colgan, Jenny

Christmas at Little Beach Street   10/17   (Little Beach St. Bakery)

Connelly, Michael

Two Kinds of Truth   10/17   (Harry Bosch)

Connolly, John

A Game of Ghosts   7/17   (Charlie Parker)

Copperman, E. J.

Dog Dish of Doom   8/17   1st of a new series

Corby, Gary

Death on Delos   7/17   (Nico, the Athenian)

Corrigan, Maya

The Tell-Tale Tarts    6/17   (Five Ingredients)

Crais, Robert

The Wanted   6/17   (Cole & Pike)

Crawford, Isis

A Catered Costume Party   8/17   (Mysteries with Recipes)

Crider, Bill

Dead, To Begin With   8/17   (Dan Rhodes)

Daheim, Mary

A Case of Bier   11/17   (Bed-and-Breakfast)

Davis, Lindsey

The Third Nero   7/17   (Flavia Alba)

Delaney, Kathleen

Blood Red, White and Blue   7/17   (Mary McGill)

Dodd, Christina

The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream   9/17   (Virtue Falls)

Doiron, Paul

Knife Creek   6/17   (Mike Bowditch)

Dunn, Matthew

Act of Betrayal    10/17   (Will Cochrane)

Evanovich, Janet

Dangerous Minds   6/17   (Knight & Moon)

Hard Core   11/17   (Stephanie Plum)

Fairsteen, Linda

Deadfall    7/17   (Alexandra Cooper)

Flynn, Vince and Kyle Mills

New book as yet untitled   9/17   (Mitch Rapp)

Follett, Ken

A Column of Fire   9/17   (Kingsbridge)

Freed, David

Kill Circle    9/17   (Cordell Logan)

Fury, Dalton

Execute Authority   9/17   (Delta Force)

Gabaldon, Diana

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall    6/17   (Outlander story collection)

Gentill, Sulari

Miles Off Course   6/17   (Rowland Sinclair)

Gerritson, Tess

I Know a Secret    8/17   (Rizzoli and Isles)

Gilstrap, John

Final Target   6/17   (Jonathan Graves)

Goldenbaum, Sally

Murder Wears Mittens   8/17   (Seaside Knitters)

Golemon, David

Beyond the Sea   6/17   (Event Group)

Grafton, Sue

Y is for . . .   9/17   (Kinsey Milhone)

Graham, Heather

Dark Rites   7/17   (MIRA)

Hall, Rachel Howzell

City of Saviors   8/17   (Det. Louise Norton)

Hamilton, Glen Erik

Every Day Above Ground   7/17   (Van Shaw)

Hammer, Lotte and Soren

The Lake    7/17   (Konrad Simonsen)

Hart, Carolyn

Ghost on the Case   10/17   (Bailey Ruth)

Hart, Rob

The Woman from Prague   7/17   (Ash McKenna)

Hearne, Kevin

Besieged    7/17      stories   (Atticus O’Sullivan)

Henshaw, Mark

The Last Man in Teheran   7/17   (Stryker and Burke)

Hilderbrand, Elin

Winter Solstice   10/17   (Quinns of Winter St.)

Hilton, Matt

Raw Wounds   7/17  (PI Tess Grey and “Po” Villere)

Hollis,  Lee

Death of a Lobster Lover   6/17   (Hayley Powell)

Horst, Jorn Lier

Ordeal    8/17   (Insp. Wisting)

Indridason, Arnoldur

Shadow District   11/17   first of a new series

James, Peter

Need You Dead   6/17   (Roy Grace)

Jance, J. A.

Proof of Life   9/17   (Beaumont)

Johansen, Iris

Look Behind You   7/17   (Kendra Michaels)

Mind Games   10/17   (Eve Duncan)

Jones, Darynda

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave   10/17   (Charley Davidson)

Kadrey, Richard

The Kill Society   6/17   (Sandman Slim)

Karon, Jan

To Be Where You Are   9/17   (Mitford)

Keller, Julia

Fast Falls the Night   8/17   (Belle Elkins)

Kellerman, Faye

Killing Season   8/17   non-series

Kenyon, Sherrilyn

Dragonsworn   7/17  (Dragon’s Rising)

Knopf, Chris

Tango Down   8/17   (Sam Acquillo)

Koontz, Dean

The Silent Corner   6/17  1st of a new series

Kreuger, William

Sulfur Spring   7/17   (Cork O’Connor)

Lanh, Andrew

Child of My Winter   7/17   (Ric Van Lam)

Larsen, Ward

Assassin’t Code  8/17   (David Slaton)

Laurie, Victoria

A Panicked Premonition   7/17  (Psychic Eye)

Lawton, John

Friends and Traitors   10/17   (Inspector Troy)

Limon, Martin

The Nine-Tailed Fox   10/17   (George Sueno and Ernie Bascom)

Loefelm, Bill

The Devil’s Muse   7/17   (Maureen Coughlin)

Lustbader, Erik Van

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Initiative   6/17

MacLean, Sarah

The Day of the Duchess    6/17   (Scandal and Scoundrel)

MacNeal, Susan

The Paris Spy    8/17   (Maggie Hope)

Macomber, Debbie

Any Dream Will Do   7/17   non-series

Marks, Mary

Knot What You Think   7/17  (Quilting)

Matthews, Jason

The Kremlin’s Case   8/17   (Nash/Egorova)

Maxwell, Alyssa

Murder at Chateau sur Mer   7/7   (Gilded Age)

McCafferty, Keith

Cold Hearted River   7/17   (Sean Stranahan)

McCall-Smith, Alexander

House of Unexpected Sisters   11/17   (No. 1 Ladies)

McCrumb, Sharyn

The Unquiet Grave   9/17   standalone

McKinlay, Jenn

Death in the Stacks   11/17  (Library Lovers)

Mogford, Thomas

A Thousand Cuts   7/17   (Spike Sanguinetti)

Moon, Elizabeth

Cold Welcome  4/17   (Vatta’s War)

Muller, Marcia

The Color of Fear   8/17   (Sharon McCone)

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau

Cat Shining Bright    8/17   (Joe Grey)

Neggers, Carla

Thief’s Mark   7/17   (Sharpe/Donovan)

Owen, Howard

The Devil’s Triangle   6/17   (Willie Black)

Patterson, James

Dr. Death   6/17   non-series

The Store    8/17   non-series

Haunter   9/17   (Michael Bennett)

The People versus Alex Cross    11/17

Perry, Anne

A Christmas Return   11/17   (Thomas Pitt)

Peters, Ellis

The Painted Queen   7/17   (Amelia Peabody)

Quinn, Spencer

The Right Side   6/17   non-series

Reichs, Kathy

Two Nights   7/17  non-series

Robards, Karen

The Ultimatum   6/17   non-series

Robb, J. D.

Secrets in Death    9/17   (Eve Dallas)

Robinson, Peter

Sleeping in the Ground    8/17   (Insp. Banks)

Roby, Kimberla

Sin of a Woman     6/17    (Curtis Black)

Rose, M. J.

The Library of Light andShadow   7/17   (Daughters of La Lune)

Rosenfelt, David

Collared   7/17   (Andy Carpenter)

Sandford, John

Deep Freeze    10/17   (Virgil Flowers)

Scottoline, Lisa

Exposed   8/17   (Rosato & DiNunzio)

Sharp, Zoe

Fox Hunter   7/17   (Charlie Fox)

Smith, Alexander McCall

A Distant View of Everything   7/17  (Isabel Dalhousie)

Smith, Lachlan

Wolf’s Revenge   10/17   (Leo Maxwell)

Smith, Wilbur

The Tiger’s Prey   10/17   (Tom Courtney)

Spencer, Sally

The Hidden   7/17   (Paniakowski)

Stanley, Michael

Dying to Live   10/17   (Detective Kubu)

Stewart, Amy

Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions   9/17   (Kopp sisters)

Sykes, S. D.

City of Masks   7/17   (Somerhill Manor)

Thomas, Will

Old Scores   10/17    (Barker & Llewelyn)

Thomson, Lesley

The Dog Walker   6/17   (Stella Darnell)

Thor, Brad

Use of Force    6/17   (Scott Harvath)

Tremayne, Peter

Penance of the Damned   7/17   (Sister Fidelma)

Trow, M. J.

Eleventh Hour   7/17   (Christopher Marlowe)

Walker, Martin

The Templars’ Last Secret    7/17    (Insp. Bruno)

Wilson, Glenis

Dead Reckoning   7/17   (Harry Radcliffe)

Wong, David

What the Hell Did I Just Read   10/17   (John Dies at the End)

Woods, Sheryl

Lilac Lane    10/17   (Chesapeake Shores)

Woods, Stuart

Indecent Exposure    6/17    (Stone Barrington)

Barely Legal   8/17   (Stone Barrington)

Quick and Dirty   10/17   (Stone Barrington)

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Posted October/13/2014

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