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Like the book Sequels, first published by ALA in 1982 and now in its 4th edition (2009), this database aims to include the best, most enduring, and most popular novels in series that might appeal to today's adult readers. We define series broadly as:
  1. A sequence of novels that shows development of plot or character from book to book. Most works listed here fit this requirement.
  2. Novels that share a cast of characters or location, where chronology may be minimal or problematic - e.g., many mystery series.
  3. A group of novels that were conceived as a series by the author, such as Durrell's Alexandria Quartet.

eSequels indexes U.S. and British series novels and European series that have been translated into English. In print and out of print series are included to facilitate interlibrary loan and reference. eSequels does not cover children's books, short story collections or non-fiction, except anecdotally within an an annotation. Editions listed are the first American hardcover or paperback editions unless otherwise noted.

Finally, we lay no claim to academic comprehensiveness or authority, but rather seek -- as librarians always do -- to balance considerations of quality and popularity, within the limits of our objectivity.

--Janet and Jonathan Husband

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