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Forthcoming series titles

Albert, Susan Wittig

Queen Anne’s Lace   4/18   (China Bayles)

Allen, Barbara

Antiques Wanted   4/18   (Trash ‘n’ Treasures)

Arlen, Tessa

Death of an Unsung Hero    2/18   (Lady Montfort)

Armstrong, Kelley

This Fallen Prey   2/18   (Casey Duncan)

Baker, Mishell

The Imposter Syndrome    3/18    (Arcadia Project)

Baldacci, David

End Game   11/17   (Will Robie)

The Fallen      3/18    (Amos Decker)

Balzo, Sandra

The Importance of Being Urnest   12/17  (Maggy Thorson)

Bannalec, Jean-Luke

The Fleur Sel Murders   4/18   (Brittany)

Beaton, M. C.

Death of an Honest Man   2/18   (Hamish Mcbeth)

Beaufort, Simon

Mind of a Killer   1/18   (Victorian)

Berenson, Alex

The Deceivers    2/18   (John Wells)

Berry, Steve

The Bishop’s Pawn    2/18   (Cotton Malone)

Black, Lisa

Unpunished  1/18   (Gardiner & Renner)

Blaedel, Sara

The Undertaker’s Daughter   2/18   (Louise Ricks)

Bowen, Rhys

The Ghost of Christmas Past   11/17   (Molly Murphy Sullivan)

Box, C. J.

The Disappeared    3/18   (Joe Picket)

Bradford, Barbara Taylor

Secrets of Cavendon   11/17   (Cavendon Chronicles)

Bradley, Alan

The Grave’s a Fine and Private Plce   1/18  (Flavia de Luce)

Brady, Eileen

Chained    12/17   (Kate Turner DVM)

Brennan, Allison

Breaking Point   1/18   (Lucy Kincaid)

Brody, Frances

Death in the Stars   2/18   (Kate Shackelton)

Bruen, Ken

The Ghosts of Galway   11/17   (Jack Taylor)

Bruns, Don

No Second Chances  3/18   (Quentin Archer)

Cameron, Marc

Tom Clancy Power and Empire   11/17   (Jack Ryan)

National Security   1/18   (Jerico Quinn)

Cameron, Stella

Whisper the Dead   4/19   (Alex Duggins)

Camilleri, Andrea

Pyramid of Mud    1/18   (Insp. Montalbano)

Carlysle, Kate

Eaves of Destruction   11/17  (Fixer-Upper)

Casey, Donis

Forty Dead Men    2/18    (Alafair Tucker)

Child, Lee

Midnight Line   11/17   (Jack Reacher)

Childs, Laura

Plum Tea Crazy   3/18   (Tea Shop)

Clancy, Tom  see Marc Cameron

Clare, Alys

The Rufus Spy    2/18   (Aelf Fen)

Clark, Mary Higgins

Every Breath You Take  11/17   (Under Suspicion)

Cleeves, Ann

Hidden Depths   1/18   (Vera Stanhope)

Cleland, Jane

Antique Blues   4/18   (Josie Prescott)

Connolly, Sheila

Many a Twist   1/18   (County Cork)

Copperman, E. J.

The Hostess with the Ghostess   1/18   (Haunted Guest House)

Coyle, Cleo

Shot in the Dark   4/18   (Coffeehouse)

Crais, Robert

The Wanted   12/17   (Elvis Cole)

Crombie, Deborah

Garden of Lamentations    2/18   (Kincaid/Jones)

Cussler, Clive

The Rising Sea    3/18    (NUMA)

Daheim, Mary

A Case of Bier   11/17   (Bed-and-Breakfast)

Davis, Krista

Not a Creature Was Purring   11/17  (Paws and Claws)

Day, Maddy

Biscuits and Slashed Browns   1/18   (Country Store)

Deaver, Jeffery

The Cutting Edge    4/18    (Lincoln Rhyme)

Delaney, Krista

Hark the Herald Angels Slay   11/17  (Year-Round Christmas)

The Cat of the Baskervilles   2/18   (Sherlock Holmes Bookshop)

Disher, Garry

Signal Loss   12/17   (Hal Challis)

Dorsey, Tim

The Pope of Palm Beach   1/18   (Serge Storms)

Downing, David

The Dark Clouds Shining    4/18    (Jack McColl)

Dunnett, Kaitlyn

X Marks the Scot   11/17   (Liss MacCrimmon)

Estleman, Loren

Black amd White Ball   3/18   (Amos Walker)

Evanovich, Janet

Hard Core Twenty-Four  11/17   (Stephanie Plum)

Evans, Mary Ann

Undercurrents    4/18   (Faye Longchamp)

Finch, Charles

The Woman in the Water    2/18   (Charles Lennox)

Flower, Amanda

Lethal Licorice   2/18   (Amish Candy Shop)

Fluke, Joanne

Raspberry Danish Murder   2/18   (Hannah Swenson)

Fowler, Christopher

Wild Chamber   12/17   (Bryant & May)

French, Nicci

Sunday Silence   1/18   (Frida Klein)

Gardner, Lisa

Look for Me    2/18   (D. D. Warren)

Gentill, Sulari

Paving the New Road   1/18   (Rowland Sinclair)

George,  Elizabeth

The Punishment She Deserves   3/18   (Lynley)

Grant, Andrew

False Witness   1/18    (Det. Devereaux)

Gray, Shelley

His Risk    3/18   (Amish of Hart Co.)

Greaney, Mark

Agent in Place   2/18   (The Gray man)

Green, Simon

Into the Thinnest of Air   3/18   (Ishmael Jones)

Griffin, W. E. B.

Death at Nuremberg   12/17    (Clandestine Operations)

Grimes, Martha

The Knowledge   4/18   (Richard Jury)

Grippando, James

A Death in Live Oak   2/18   (Jack Swyteck)

Hagberg, David

Flash Points   3/18   (McGarvey)

Hall, Parnell

The Purloined Puzzle   3/18   (Puzzle Lady)

Hallinan, Tim

Fool’s River   11/17   (Poke Rafferty)

Hambly, Barbara

Murder in July   12/17   (Benjamin January)

Harris, C. S.

Why Kill the Innocent   4/18   (Sebastian St. Cyr)

Harris, Sherry

I Know What You Bid Last Summer    2/18   (Garage Sale)

Harrison, Cora

A Gruesome Discovery   3/18   (Reverend Mother)


Shadow Play   2/18   (Bill Slider)

Hart, Ellen

A Whisper of Bones    1/18    (PI Jane Lawless)

Haseldine, Jane

Worth Killing For   3/18   (Julia Gooden)

Havill, Steven

Easy Errors   11/17  (Posadas County)

Hearne, Kevin

Scourged    4/18   (Iron Druid)

Heley, Veronica

Murder for Nothing   11/17  (Ellie Quicke)

False Price   1/18   (Abbott Agency)

Helton, Peter

Lock 13    1/18  (Chris Honeysett)

Hillerman, Anne

Cave of Bones   4/18   (Leaphorn & Chee)

Hooper, Kay

Hold Back the Dark   4/18   (Bishop/SCU)

Hurwitz, Gregg

Hellbent    1/18   (Orphan X)

Ifkovic, Ed

Mood Indigo   1/18   (Edna Farber)

Indridason, Arnoldur

Shadow District   11/17   first of a new series

Jaffarian, Sua Ann

Too Big to Die   12/17   (Odelia Grey)

James, Miranda

Clause for Concern    2/18   (Cat in the Stacks)

Johansen, Iris

Shattered Mirror   3/18   (Eve Duncan)

Kaaberbol, Lene

A Lady in Shadows   12/17    (Madeleine Karno)

Kahn,  Ausma Zehanat

A Dangerous Crossing   2/18   (Esa Khattak)

Kellerman, Jonathan

Night Moves    2/18   (Alex Delaware)

Knott, Robert

Robert B. Parker’s Buckskin   2/18   (Virgil Cole)

Koontz, Dean

The Silent Corner   3/18   (Jane Hawk)

Lansdale, Joe

Jackrabbit Smile    3/18   (Hap & Leonard)

Lawson, Mike

House Witness   2/18   (Joe Demarco)

Leon, Donna

The Temptation of Forgiveness   3/18   (Brunetti)

Lescroart, John

The Last Death Penalty   12/18   (Dismas Hardy)

Poison    2/18   (Dismas Hardy)

Lloyd, Catherine

Death comes to the School   11/17   (Kurland St. Mary)

LoTempio, T. C.

Death by a Whisker   2/18   (Cat Rescue)

Lovesey, Peter

Beau Death   12/17   (Peter Diamond)

Malliet, G. M.

In Prior’s Wood    4/18   (Max Tudor)

Martini, Steve

The Secret Partner   2/18   (Paul Madriani)

Masters, Priscilla

The Deceiver   2/18   (Claire Roget)

McCall-Smith, Alexander

House of Unexpected Sisters   11/17   (No. 1 Ladies)

McDermid, Val

Insidious Intent   12/17   (Tony Hill)

McKinlay, Jenn

Death in the Stacks   11/17  (Library Lovers)

Moning, Karen

High Voltage    3/18   (Fever)

Mosley, Walter

Down the River Unto the Sea   2/18   standalone

Nickson, Chris

Free From All Danger    2/18   (Richard Nottingham)

Oldham, Nick

Headhunter   11/17   (Steve Flynn)

Bad Cops   1/18   (Henry Christie)

Oust, Gail

Ginger Snapped   12/17   (Spice Shop)

Page, Katherine Hall

The Body in the Casket   12/17   (Faith Fairchild)

Palumbo, Dennis

Head Wound   2/18   (Daniel Rinaldi)

Paretsky, Sara

Fallout   4/18   (Warshawski)

Parker, Robert B.

see Coleman, Reed

see Knott, Robert

Patterson, James

The People versus Alex Cross    11/17

Count to Ten   11/17   (Private)

The 17th Suspect   3/18   (Women’s Murder Club)

NYPD 5    1/18

Perry, Anne

A Christmas Return   11/17   (Thomas Pitt)

Twenty-One Days   4/18   1st of the Daniel Pitt series

Poyer, David

Hunter Killer   11/17   (Dan Lenson)

Preston, Douglas

City of Endless Night   1/18   (Pendergast)

Pronzini, Bill

The Bag of Tricks Affair   3/18   (Carpenter & Quincannon)

Pryor, Mark

Seventh Street   1/18   (Hollow Man)

Ramsay, Caro

The Suffering of Strangers   3/18   (Anderson & Costello)

Raybourn, Deanna

A Treacherous Curse   1/18   (Veronica Speedwell)

Riley, Lucinda

The Pearl Sister   1/18   (Seven Sisters)

Ripley, Mike

Mr. Campion’s Abduction   11/17  (Albert Campion)

Rollins, James

The Demon Crown   12/17   (Sigma Force)

Ross, Anne B.

Miss Julia Raises the Roof   4/18

Ross, Loretta

Death and the Viking’s Daughter   2/18   (Auction Block)

Row, Rosemary

The Price of Liberty   2/18   (Libertus)

Rowland, Laura

A Mortal Likeness    1/18   (Victorian)

Rowson, Pauline

Lost Voyage   11/17   (Art Marvik)

Royal, Priscilla

Wild Justice   2/18   (Prioress Eleanor)

Ryan, Annelise

Dead Calm   2/18  (Mattie Winston)

Ryan, Sophie

The Fast and the Furriest   2/18   (Second Chance Cat)

Sandford, John

Twisted Prey   4/18   (Lucas Davenport)

Saylor, Steven

The Throne of Caesar  2/18   (Gordianus)

Siger, Jeffrey

An Aegean April   1/18   (Insp. Kaldis)

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa

The Legacy  2/18   1st of a new series

Stanley, Kelli

City of Sharks   3/18   (Miranda Corbie)

Talley, Marcia

Mile High Murder  1/18   (Hannah Ives)

Tallis, F. R.

Mephisto Waltz   2/18   (Max Lieberman)

Tata, A. J.

Direct Fire   12/17   (Jake Mahegan)

Taylor, Brad

Operator Down   1/18   (Pike Logan)

Todd, Charles

Gatekeeper   2/18   (Insp. Rutledge)

Tursten, Helene

Protected by the Shadows   12/17   (Insp. Huss)

Wagner, David

Funeral in Mantova   3/18   (Rick Montoya)

Ward, J. R.

The Thief   4/18    (Black Dagger)

Weber, Tracy

Pre-meditated Murder     1/18   (Downward Dog)

Westerson, Jeri

Season of Blood   1/18  (Crispin Guest)

White, Randy

Caribbean Rim   3/18   (Doc Ford)

Winspear, Jacqueline

To Die But Once   3/18   (Maisie Dobbs)

Woods, Stuart

Unbound   1/18   (Stone Barrington)

Shoot First    4/18   (Stone Barrington)

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Posted October/13/2014

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